Norway’s Rebecca black?

Before we begin with this music rant review, I’d like to apologize for the ears-burning irritation that you will experience later. So we should face this together as a family.

Please also make sure that you promise to listen to Indie folk and alternative music after this to clear your ears, brain and soul.

I’m sure you guys have heard Rebecca Black’s “Friday” and you would think, “How bad can it get?”

Well, let me introduce Norway’s very own Rebecca Black, Tonje Langeteig. [Actually I feel Rebecca is milestones better than Tonje]

The title of the song is cleverly titled, “I don’t want to be a crappy housewife” [ Sure she doesn’t]

Now listen…

For those who are still alive after the acidity of the noise, don’t you think the song, “Friday” deserves a tad more credit?

I mean, the monstrosity of this girl who posted the video a week ago!

What happened? 

What happened to “Save the Music” Foundation? 

Well, it’s time to do a compare and contrast of “I don’t want to be a crappy housewife” and “Friday”. Let me give a disclaimer here. I hate both songs, but which one do I hate less?

1) Title:

Winner: “Friday”

Tonje Langeteig’s song title is too in the face. I mean, cry me a ****ing river. So, you don’t want to be a crappy housewife . . . . OK. . . . 

“Friday”, at least gives us a hint to why Black chose that day as something to sing about.

2) Presence:

Winner: Obviously, Rebecca Black.

If you lip sync the word “wife” like that below, I’ve done my talking. I mean, she has definitely made the fool out of herself.

The dancing is hideous.

I’m actually surprised to not able to find any bad shot of Black in her music video. She’s aware of her angles and she almost could possibly be on some kid’s magazine.

3) Lyrics’ Meaning:

Winner: “Friday”, most definitely.

Langeteig doesn’t want to be a crappy housewife, we get it. She “want[s] to lead a glamorous life.” What?!?! I can’t relate to that.

[I had to listen to the whole song thrice to understand the song. It scalded my ears]

“Friday” makes me think of the weekend and that we need to forget about the pain we faced during the weekdays. Everyone can relate to that.

4) Enthusiasm of fans/people

Winner: “Friday”

In the Tonje’s music video, the people in the bar [at the back right there] aren’t dancing. I don’t see people grooving. I certainly don’t see people smiling. They’re probably paid to sit there. . .  to add some people in the video.

I mean, if you look through the video again, they are the only 4 people dancing to her song. That’s pathetic.

“Friday” song has people dancing and jumping and everyone having a great time. Although Black could do better with greater expression.

So  Rebecca wins hands down. But that does not mean I like her song. I still find it irritating, but at least she deserve my apologies of hating her music.

I’m so sorry, Rebecca. 

Wow, time for me to listen to my songs. 

If there’s a lot of hype on “I don’t want to be a crappy housewife”, and a lot of views. She’ll be well-known. That cannot happen. We cannot stain/ pollute the music industry.



3 Responses to Norway’s Rebecca black?

  1. rediscoveraisyah says:

    i hate you so very much for making me watch that thing. now kings of convenience is gonna play in my ipod for months

    • fizzyfizz says:

      haha, I’m hating myself for watching that too!

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