A week without my little brother starts

So my brother has left the country for some Geography trip. Damn, I already miss him. At least it’s only for a week.

Let me tell you, there’s this old female teacher who really has no heart at all. 

She’s like, “OK, if no one wants to say goodbye to their parents anymore, let’s go give our tickets!”

Hold up! What did she just say? We were like laughing at her.

So anyway, after that my family watched Kungfu Panda 2. It was great. I’ll do a review about it soon.

Then we went shopping. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything of my interest. There was one really tailored top that just called out my name. Well, it’s over $100. You know what happened next. OFF TO THE NEXT SHOP!!!

[It’s amazing how the expensive top made me look at all the flaws of the outfit so it doesnt hurt for me to not but it.]



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