Kungfu Panda Review

Well, that was a treat.

It’s Kungfu Panda 2 and while people claim that the 2nd sequel to a successful movie is always disappointing, I find that this movie didn’t. 

It’s still as hilarious, if not more, than the previous movie. The storyline is about finding inner peace after a troubled past. This is where both antagonist and protagonist experienced a somewhat similar experience of inner peace but it all turned out well.

I love how every time Po [the protagonist] get a hit or falls, a water-balloon-plunge-like sound comes to  effect. 

There were tear-jerking moments that were timed well and then humor took over and stole the show. And that’s what I love about it.

The Kungfu moves were really interesting. Each animal had their own special moves, especially the Crane who flew and produced a huge gust of wind to blow the ships ahead of the bridge. That was cool. I was thinking about storm.

So, it’s a good watch but if I compare it to X-men, X-men is on another level above Kungfu Panda. It’s still great though. I’m just saying, as an X-men fan. [So it’s biased]



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