No size for me?

People would say that being clerks would actually pack a few more pounds just because you don’t do the excruciating exercises to make you fit. 

I found out that I lost weight.

Yes. You might be wondering, “How can you even lose any more weight?”

That’s what I thought. Even my waistline shrank. Girls, don’t be jealous because I cannot even find a pair of jeans that wouldn’t slip off my hip if I wear them.

It all happened when I decided to buy really quality pants. [That’s because the ones I have now were from Mustafa Centre and they look really faded. But I still love buying my goods there, though]

I went to Bossini and they had this 50% off with additional 10% off during lunch periods. So one pair would costs me only less than $25. 

There were straight cut, slim cut, washed ones and dark ones. Initially, I wanted a really dark slim pair of jeans but once I saw the grey one. It would work!.

The one with a waistline of 28cm is the smallest. I could actually slip my whole hand into my pants. [Not that I have any reason to do so!]


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