Best day of the week.

Well of course Friday would be the best day of the week. There’s lesser work pilling up, so more time with my pen and my sketch book.

I did what I’m supposed to do beforehand so that I can spend time thinking. Then I’ll stop when there’s last minute work to do. How comforting.

Friday’s my favorite day because I can sleep late and still be able to wake up even later on a Saturday Morning. But I never overslept my Saturday morning off. It’d be such a waste to wake up during the weekends and you suddenly realize that 1/4 of the day is gone.

It’s always best to wake up around 8:00am to embrace the light from the morning sun, because you all know what happens when it’s the 10:00am sun. The sunlight is just too bright to handle.

I mean, if you’re willing to make an effort to embrace the morning and the weekends, you can really gain a lot from it. [Be it spiritually or materialistically.]

So let me ask you something. What are the things that you would want to look forward to? And would you change any aspect of your life in order to embrace much more than you already have?

I might make no sense, but it is promising. Subtle changes always lead to great results.



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