It sets me free!


Like a lioness looking out for it’s cub, I’m hunting for my future. Yes. I’m scouting for the best course. I know I was all about psychology but suddenly its not for me.

Weird. [And I’ve had this topic post in my blog for a couple of times already]

So now it’s geography or mass media. I don’t want to constantly change my mind. It shows that I’m unsure with what I want in life and that’s not nice to know.

I feel different when I write. It’s a nice feeling and I love it. It’s the same thing when I draw. That’s when I’m in my zone!

It sets me free.

What activity sets you free?


2 Responses to It sets me free!

  1. gracedee says:

    Go for writing fiiz!

    • fizzyfizz says:

      You think I should? hahaha I’m contemplating.

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