Brother’s back…with gifts!!

So Hakim’s back from Hanoi and we were so excited to see him all rejuvenated.

The feeling of waiting is too much for me. It gets worst when a stranger sees their loved ones and get’s all emotional, while we waited for so long for the plane to land. But once we see him, it’s all worth the wait.

So once we reach home, he gave us gifts from Hanoi!

Now this tribal-inspired bag, my brother bought it for me. I love the splashes of colour. It’s a lot of colour but intricate enough for you to continue looking at it. And that’s why I love it.

The he bought a hat for himself but we decided that sharing would be a win-win situation. So, it’s mine. And his.

Next, a straw hat. What better headgear to wear in such sweltering atmosphere than a huge straw hat. It’s frayed edges is unique and it adds on to the versatility of the hat.

Whether it’s brought all the way up, or swept to the side, it’s great with neutral tones.

Other gifts like a Sheep doll and a couple of purses were for my mum and my sister.


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