Why I Don’t Travel

Many people have asked me to go out with them and I denied their offer.

Well, there’s always an excellent explanation to it. Please hold. . . .

Oh yes, why not we organize it to 3 main reasons I don’t travel! [INSERT MUSIC]

1) Shoes are for fashion, not for function

I wear slimming, sharp-toed shoes whenever I go out. So comfort isn’t really what I experience when I walk out, especially when you don’t have a private car and walking is your main mode of transport.

Walking for only 15 minutes could already cause piercing pain at my heels. I naturally walk heels first [All thanks to St. Johns’ strict foot drills]

So unless I have a sports ensemble on me with bulky sport shoes, I can’t go out.

2) Travel Letdowns

People  love venturing out either Orchard Road or overseas. But whenever I go out, something bad happens. I can easily say it’s my negative mindset that’s doing all the work but I feel that I’m pervious to bad luck.

It either rains heavily and I get caught in it,

or the shop I intend to spend my greens on is closed,

or I feel a lot of negative vibe around me,

or I fall.

So whenever I’m forced to go out, I tried my very best to stay positive and be on a look out for any signs that could trash me down.

3) I’m a spender, not a saver

nude models hats couture posting black and white

My wallet is a stone and that is something we throw.

I only earn so much and whenever I see something nice, I just have to buy it. By something, I actually mean clothing. If people can buy majority of their income on food or cigarettes and liquor, I can definitely buy loads of clothes.

Hell, I’ve worked too hard [in the education system] to let all the good clothes slip away.

Then there’s a lesson: Always stay in budget.

That’s right reader, if you stay in budget, the goods you buy will be more worthwhile because you have made a choice. You’ve weighed the pros and cons. It’s better to have one really fantastic piece than to own a lot of mediocre clothing.

So spend a lot, but also save it up by choices.

BUT, when you see that one piece that just makes you feel SO good, you just have to buy it.


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