That girl…

Guess what? I totally hate it when people indirectly blame me for something I didn’t commit.

So, I was alighting the bus on my way home and this girl was in front of me.

She stepped on my shoe and tripped [actually, she didn’t even trip]

So, naturally, one would apologize for stepping on my shiny shoes, right? Nope, that’s not the case at all.

She gave me that stare, that glare, that I’d love to slap. I mean, I suddenly felt like the culprit. Hold up! [ CD scratching ]

I even smiled at her, thinking she would gracefully smile back and at least have that “Oops” expression.

Now, I’m no “Shoe Shine” freak that worry so much on the shine of my shoes, but my blood boiled so much after that look. I already had a really bad and emotional day and she has to add fuel to my fire.

Anyways, I pushed that aside because I knew that once I buy a Designare Homme magazine, my frown would turn upside down.

There was no copy of it. . . .

Someone kill me.

So just as I was about to ‘kill myself’, I met someone that made my day. I don’t even know who this person is but one sight of that person just melted my heart. The walk, the smile, the style.


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