Wedding feast


This would be the first time attending a Chinese wedding so opinions made in this post are highly amateurish.

This are a few rules I followed:

1) Never wear black shirt.
2) Red is in

So I wore my Mod inspired look with a red scarf as a tie and a grey vest. I even wore a grey pants to follow the “no black” ensemble rule.

I have to say I looked pretty preppy in that outfit.

Oh I can’t take a photo because I was rushing. [ Well I can’t upload quality photos because I’m too tired to on the laptop. I’m on my bed now, covered with sheets of blanket and ready to sleep]

Anyway, I went to SAFRA Yishun and I didn’t see red. In fact I saw more of black and grey than I did see red. I felt like a red sheep.

A hot sheep that is.

So after minutes of music videos showed, we were really famished. I mean I was about to die.

The food was ok. I love the satay, though. It’s the most tender piece of meat on the stick I’ve ever tasted. Yet the flavor, overall, is not strong enough for my taste buds.

2130: I was so worried the event would take up more of my curfew time. I was tired but I didn’t disrespect the blissful couple.

Me and Nanda then left SAFRA and head home.

I walked home because it’s just 3km away from my house. I listened to my “feel-good-walking” song and runway-ed back home.


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