BBQ with RC Zone 9 members

Well since I have all the time I need to blog, I’m going to give an hourly update/commentary on the RC event my family is attending.


I’m now walking to the bus with a damn running nose. I’m really tired and keeping a happy face is really difficult at this state.

Oh did I mentioned we’re half an hour late before the bus leaves. Maybe if we’re late enough, I can stay at home! Sounds like a great plan.


The bus waited for us…


We’re now at the chalet. It does brings back a lot of memory.

Everyone’s planning what to do but all I’m thinking about is the food. I’m just really hungry right now.

I see people running, cycling, exercising and other sporty activities while I’m here taking pictures.

Let me rephrase that. I’m here being photographed. Can’t wait to eat!


Finally!! So the men started out the fire. Yes, me included. It was fun, burning leaves as if I was one of the contestants on Survivor.

I ate a lot of chicken and satay. Yup. That’s about it. It was honey- tastic.


sure enough we got into our friend’s room and prayed.


I can’t eat anymore. I’m so bloated! Well, that’s not the end. Now they say that we’ll have to play a game by 8.30pm.

Now I’m no fan of party games. I’d like to be called the poop of the party. Well since I planned the games with my sister, there’s no way they’re letting me play. Yay!! Wish me luck.


I’m playing with some toddler and it was fun at the moment but he started pulling out grasses.

And yes, as an honorary hippie, it is my job to explain to him that grasses have feelings too. Then I forgot, he only speaks Malay, so conversing the environmental knowledge to him is so difficult.

He asked me to help him pull the grasses out. I didn’t want to and he got angry. For a split second.

I gave him wet tissues to clean his hands [yes, I’m a wonderful baby sitter]. He’s so adorable. Until he threw the wet tissues onto the grasses that is.

And that’s why I’m never ever having children. Are you guys with me?


[Woah, ugly picture of me right there]

The games were actually fun. I thought a mixture of young and old would be so weird. But it was really funny to watch.

We played charades, broken telephone and some race that involved passing if water bottles.

An example of a “broken telephone” gone wrong was the line, “I ate chicken and potato” which ended up sounding like “I ate chicken and Dhoby gourd”


I’m now half dead in the bus. The air conditioner is great. I’ve never felt this exhausted before.

I’m back home finally! I got into the toilet and took off my..…. [OK, story’s over]

Well that’s one long commentary on today’s event.



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