The growth of the pillar of aloofness

Hafiiz suddenly felt a negative vibe. It gave him flashbacks of a person he wished he’d never meet again.

Alas, that person entered the room. Hafiiz immediately dropped whatever he was doing and prayed nothing would go wrong. In fact, he wished he’d never hear his name from him.

“Hafiiz!!”, the man alerted him.

Hafiiz adjusted himself and walked towards him. Apparently, Hafiiz has forgotten to update a particular board.

“Oh”, he replied as his toes wriggle with fear and promised to finish up the task as soon as possible.

He paused in his movement, listening for the fainting sound of the man’s footsteps, waiting for the tensed moment to end.

It didn’t end there.

The man asked him another question in which he has no clue of. And then the lip biting began. It has been a defense mechanism for Hafiiz that always triggered when faced with a stressful situation.

Hafiiz tried his best to recall the names requested by the man but there were other battles in his mind that perished all insignificant memory.

Flustered as any gray haired  man would be, the man asked Hafiiz, “What is your highest academic achievement?”

“You are going to university right? Then why can’t you remember the names?”

Puzzled and irritated at the very fact that one would use his academic history against him, Hafiiz reiterated the universal word, “Oh”.

He belittled Hafiiz on that very Monday morning. He has never felt more dumb before.  It was as if all his effort studying vanished just because he can’t remember 2 names.

His fists plunged into his pockets with anger as slanderous comments tore him apart. Bags under his eyes twitched uncontrollably bringing tears to his eyes.

Aware that he should never shed a tear, Hafiiz fanned his tears away and put on a smile to hide his emotions — be positive. There was no way he wanted to show his weaknesses even more than what was already obvious.

But at one point of time, Hafiiz did felt that he has disappointed the man and, even more, himself.

Hafiiz smiled to the man and turned and walked away as the pillar of aloofness elevated and separated them both He sat in his chair and froze with all of these emotions and thoughts whirling in his mind.


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