Spring Summer 2012 tips

Summer is here and it’s time to look good under the scorching sun. Yes, we have summer all year round but no matter. Here are some styling trends I’ve picked up from some of the well renowned fashion designers.


D&G: Strong Prints, cropped shorts, vibrant colours, baggy sheer tops, yellow, gold, light blue.

You’ve seen it right. It time to turn back on the monochromatic demon and embrace the true nature of wild and unique prints.

If you are not daring enough, you can always start small like a printed belt or a scarf. A small splash of colour and prints goes a long way.


Z.Zegna: Loose cut pants, slimming tailored tops, dark colours.

It might look weird at first glance but balancing the loose pants with a tailored top would look great. Not only that, it’s breathe easy pants especially this summer.


Versace: Blue, yellow, strong morocco prints, multi-colored. stripes.

Again, play with lines to elongate your body proportions.

Alexander McQueen



Or embrace the rock within you like how McQueen has exemplified here.


Go bohemian with navy and neutral colours.

Salvatore Ferragamo: Frayed Straw hats, neutral colours, loose pants, tailored suits, Baggy tops with belts or buttons.


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