Preparation for the sis birthday.

Sister’s birthday is tomorrow.

There’s a lot of preparation going on in the house. I know my sister is not stupid, so hiding the cards would look so fake. I gave her a sneak preview; An empty black envelope. 

Anyways, she looks so tired right now. And I’m tired from shopping with some of the Drama Clan. 

Side note: We have to go out another day! Gossiping for an hour is simply not enough! That’s if I’m allowed to go out.

OK here’s the deal. I’m kinda, in a way, possibly grounded. I believe it’s more of not going out with my girlfriends anymore. [Maybe it’s because my mum asked me why I haven’t had a girlfriend yet, I don’t know. I’m too busy.]

My mother does not trust
me going out every other night.
What am I not doing right?
Renders the living dead 
and the dead perish even more.
Stripped me to the underside of  my core.
Everything I say sets 
the weather off with fury,
drawing most stormy life 
into every depth of me

Sure enough, I went out with my friends but a curfew was definitely in play.

I bought the gifts and I’ll show them to you tomorrow. [MY sister might be reading this]

Is she gone?


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