That girl’s birthday

I’m just going to let that sit there for a minute.














Yes, it’s her birthday today and we took pictures albeit the heat.

Oh, doesn’t the Oreo Cheekecake look so scrumptious? My mum baked it. Well technically it’s not oven baked. It’s more of fridge-chilled because the main ingredient for a cheesecake is of course, cheese cream.

Enough about that let’s get to the gifts I bought for my sister. I’ll give a disclaimer. I’m actually really proud of what I did and bought so give me a break.

I got this charm bracelet my friend thought was a perfect gift for my sister. It’s professional looking and yet classy. Best of all, it’s black. Goes well with almost everything.

While shopping I knew my sister is into floral and the neutrals. So why not add a simple flower necklace to finish up the look?

The colour suits well with her skin tone. It’s clean and not too dramatic.

Well, don’t we look alike here.

Unfortunately we were all too tired to do a 2nd celebration at night like we used to. [Dancing and music included]

So kakak,

lean back and get some minute’s peace
Let your hair down and go over your gifts
The princess, you, be not troubled
although your thighs and waistswould most probably has doubled.

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