Alone in the office.

I have always though working alone in my office would be much more efficient. Well, I was wrong. Slap me please.

Since I was the only one manning the room, of course all the daily routine has to be done by me. It took me 2 hours to finally have time for myself.

I actually had my crayons and my felt tip pen to sketch and be inspired by my remoteness. I was ever so ready to let my wrists and fingers to the emotive design. NEVER DID.

The only good that came out from being alone is that I could blast my kind of music for orgasmic feeling that moved me beyond consciousness. 

OK, the word ‘blast’ is highly inappropriate for my soft and raw music.

Sitting all day with no one to talk to made me think a lot. Have you ever had that moment when you’re sitting alone, be it in a bus or in your own room and you start thinking of all the possibilities that would come if you were somebody else?

Well I did. At first it was fun to imagine me being really rebellious but then it went dreadful and somber. [Must be the song I was listening to]

Exhausted from all the work, I was allowed to leave about half an hour earlier. I stopped whatever I was working on, cleaned up the area, locked the door and dashed home.

There was no time to waste.

I bought my “Style : MEN” Magazine. I’m loving every piece of it. Although, I’m still pondering what to wear for tomorrow’s occasion. I don’t want to wear the same out fit [black ensemble with a red tie/scarf] but if worst comes to worst, that shall be my outfit for the day.


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