Stood out from the crowd

Recently I attended the MINDEF PRIDE Day at the National Library Board as a spectator.

The Pride Day is an event that not only celebrates the idea of innovation, it also serves as moment of edification for people to practice efficient ways of doing work.

Being the face of my branch, I felt that it was important to dress apart. So I wore my usual smart preppy style to the event. [Mostly red embedded]

Once I got there, I saw people in uniform and people wearing black. I mean I was the only one wearing a tinge of red and I definitely stood out from the crowd.

Well, the red wasn’t the only one that caught people’s attention. My quiff was more than a forehead high. I sculpted it for 5 minutes but was not worth it in the end.

Every time I had to walk past a group of prioritized people, they would do the “scan”. That scan when you start from the head down to the shoes and back to the head motion. I was saying to myself, “Stop looking at me like that!”

Wow, I have really low self-esteem.

After painstakingly getting past the crowd I went up the building and wait for my role as the spectator.

After that, I dressed down and met my sister at Northpoint to buy a polo shirt from Cotton On.

Other than that I learnt that you don’t always have to dress to set yourself apart. Sometimes is good to blend in.


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