The old and new of classical music

If you are reading my blog now and you’re feeling tired and all muddled up with your work life. Why not listen to some classical music to clear that mind of yours.

I’m about to show you 3 of my favourite music videos from the American Animated Film, “Fantasia” [1940 and 2000]

The video above is called “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. It captures the world after dark. Technically speaking, little fairies fly around with their wands, tapping onto every plants, to produce the dew that we see every morning.

It’s a very refreshing piece which compliments the graceful movements of the Sugar Plum Fairies.

It reminds me of the start of spring where snow starts to melt, but a more whimsical way of water condensing onto the petals of the flowers works fine with me.

If you’re more into a fast-paced tempo, this piece from the Mariinsky’s production of Nutcracker, “Chinese Song” portrays urgency. Very stereotypical if you were to look it in a racial point of view.

There are cute dances and funny moments of these stubby, dancing mushrooms that would sure make even those with the coldest heart, smile.

Unlike the Fantasia from 1940, the 2000 version has a more deeper meaning. It’s much more lengthy but if you’re into the story line, please watch it.

“Rhapsody in Blue”, above, shows how a mundane life can easily be spiced up if you make a choice. People often say that in the ‘real’ world, there are very limited choices but those are the kind that could change your life.

The video shows different point of views of ordinary people living a very controlled life.

Fortunately, each and every one of them found their true meaning of life and it fills me up with joy knowing that it is OK to make choices even at the most stressful situations

Well, I hope you’ve watched the



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