Short Holiday for the little elf





I know the picture of Twiggy [Legendary English Supermodel] has nothing to do with today’s post but I actually used this picture as a cover of my Project Work assignment. Something to do with media and anorexia.


I will always love twiggy no matter.

Guess what? I got off days from Monday to Wednesday!

I’m still pondering on whether I should save one of those off days for another rainy day, but at least one day I should be free from work.

Only my branch mates can understand the amount of work that I almost drowned into. It was preparation this, archive that.

Applying this, cancelling that.

Setting up this, cleaning that.

‘Hafii’ here, “Hafiiz” there.

Anyways, I’m definitely going to be writing more during the break. Maybe find a deeper voice that would translate into my blog. Or a different way of writing, if you find this harder to read. Or maybe a more interesting topic than my mundane life.





2 Responses to Short Holiday for the little elf

  1. Desmond Peh says:

    totally understood where this post is coming from. nonetheless, i need to tell you that you are going to see me for two more days before i really disappear for good. ):

    • fizzyfizz says:

      NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I’ll miss you in the office!!!

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