The Naked and Famous_Punching in a dream

I’m currently addicted to this song. The Naked and Famous is a rock band. I know it would surprise you because I’m not a rock fan. But bands like this and The XX makes me music selection more eclectic.

So basically the song is about being in a nightmare and it rightfully and artistically spoke to me.

I love the lyrics. Listening to this song, I drew this picture. Well, it’s up to your own interpretation. Mine was about being trapped and trying to be free.

All the lights go down as I crawl into the spaces
If I died on the screens
Life tearing at the seams

I don’t ever wanna be here
Like punching in a dream breathing life into my nightmare

If it falls apart I would surely wake it
Bright lights turn me clean
This is worse than it seems


They’ll get through
They’ll get you
In the place that you feel it the most
When you’re cornered
When it’s forming
In the place that you wish was a ghost

The way the personify a nightmare as light and dark where a new kind of life begins when “the lights go down”. Conversely, upon waking up, “bright lights [would] turn me clean”.

I love the line, “If it falls apart I would surely wake it”. It shows how the persona is in control of her situation. When you feel that you are in a really difficult situation that’s a start. You are aware and now you can do something about it.

No one in life can control you. You are your own nightmare and only you can get yourself out of it. All it takes is a rare spoonful of strength  and courage.

No one wants to be trapped in a nightmare.


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