Who run the world?

The afternoon is swell, isn’t it?

Well, today’s post will be all about girls. I don’t know what I would without them. I know Women’s day is over but I’m suffering from female deficiency although it’s only been a week after meeting with my drama mates.

Well, I need more than that. You see, they get me. And when you see what I see in them, the happier you will be.

Now there’s the mum and sister that I’ll just adore.

There’s the main clique.

[Amelia, Cheryl, Evelyn and Yu Zhen] Big Shout outs to them. We’re studying buddies, gossip channels, each other’s counselors. Anything that adds up to a great friendship, I have it there. And that’s why I love them.

Then there’s the Malay Gang.

I’ll have to say it’s a bit more dramatic. It’s almost on par with my main clique but certain times the Malay in me would roll off the tongue.

Oh Shout out to Ruzzie as well!

The drama geeks.

Highly dramatic. Full of colour and fun. A bit too much for me to handle but that’s why I love them because it’s always laughter and this is probably the first time I look forward to staying late in school for CCA.

Shout out to Lizzie, Hadassah and Suadi.

The artsy-fartsy and awkward girl

This is the rare instances when one girl just exudes art and literature and all things poetic. We both love Florence and the Machine.
I enjoy the meaningful literary talks about song lyrics and philosophy.  I definitely get inspired by her. By her, I meant Diana.

And lastly the girls from my secondary school.

It’s been too long since we met up. Especially Aisyah. [Shout Outs to her!]

I’ve talked about her in my previous post so I won’t start again.

Gee, after writing this I really miss my girls badly. I know most of you are not me but don’t you ever feel that you want to turn back time and go back to that joyous moment with your friends?


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