Shopping for bare necessities

My wardrobe needs some replenishing. It’s either I’m using my sister’s top or some hand-me-downs that I have to force to make it look expensive and tailored.

Sure enough we went to Causeway point [still under renovation] hoping to find ‘that’ piece which will make me drool over it.

Never did.

I went to Uniqlo, people there were less “in-your-face” with the ‘catchy’ phrase, “Welcome to Uniqlo”. Such shrilling voices. Do they actually have to say it in that tune?

Anyway, I got myself 2 v-neck t-shirts, both white and grey [Still nothing tailored]. Barely costing me $20. Then there’s this men’s shop with an old guy as a sales person [not a very good one at that]

He was telling me the type of outfit that is. Let me set you up with a scene:

Me: (looking through the tailored tops)

Old man: Ya, this is the tailored pieces

Me: Oh! (and walked over to the vests)

Old man: This is vest

Me: (Nodding away) Thank you! (walked out laughing so hard. I peed a little)

I couldn’t hide my emotions any longer.

I mean, are you kidding? I’m not stupid, especially when it comes to clothes. Well, the ensemble there is very Asian  inspired. I’m already Asian, so let’s not boost that meter all the way up, shall we.

That certainly slices by choices by 3/4. Now I have nothing to choose from. It’s not my style. I love English fashion especially mod. Too bad it costs so much.

To all the guys and guys-adjacent, here are some tips.

Every guy needs these item in their wardrobe. What’s next is to accessorize

1) A really good quality white t-shirt. [By good quality I meant a material that can get back to it’s shape after constant stretching once washed]

2) A similar one but black

3) A tailored black top with a collar that does not cover most of your neck. Remember the neck is also important for height. Unlike me, if you’re tall, a high collar will be fine but there’s a line of midget in my family tree and I got caught in one of them.

4) A really good pair of jeans that would last you for 5 years.

Well, I hope that helps. After shopping, I got myself a packet of candy floss and some popcorn. An hour later I drank 2 bottles of plain water to flush that sugar out of my system.

2 Responses to Shopping for bare necessities

  1. bhai says:

    tailored top as in really go to tailor shops or clothing stores that offer customized ones..?
    and how do u expect jeans to last for good 5 yrs eh, nowadays even 100$ jeans just wears off in matter of months or year or 2 the max.. =(

    • fizzyfizz says:

      Hey there,
      actually tailored as in semi-fitted, crisp. Not altered whatsoever.

      In fact I do have jeans that were hand-me downs 3 years ago and I do wear them till now [although a tad tight] but none of them wore off. Still, thank you for the correction! 🙂

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