He can cook!

No, I can’t.

For the whole of the Monday, I’ve been trying to write something for my next blog post but last night’s episode of “MasterChef” made me want to watch the whole season.

What was once Season 1 in the morning/afternoon turned into Season 2 in the evening. I’m taking a break from it right now.

So now, everything I eat, I’m imagining new combinations that could go with it. That’s the problem. I don’t have a varied list of recipes to choose from.

I can, you know, boil water. [Sometimes I forgot about it and 1/2 of the volume got evaporated]

I cook pizza. . .on slices of roti prata.

They say food is good for the soul. I stand by it, but you would never want your soul to crumble upon tasting one of my ‘creations’.

I did hear a thing or two about the show but my immediate impression of it was similar to “Hell’s Kitchen”; Random screaming, infuriated chefs and the feared Gordon Ramsay.

Absolutely not what I had expected, it was better. It was more inspirational to all who cooks and wants to cook. Chef Ramsay was more charming and less hot-tempered.

The show is a competition for amateur cooks for all walks of life who just have the passion to cook. They test the contestants on their creativity with mystery ingredients during every round. It’s very interesting.


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