Hari Raya 2011 style analysis

OK, by now everyone should have their colour scheme chosen. And if anyone of you have no idea on what to wear or buy, I really hope this post helps. Enjoy!

Being the seamstress’ assistant for the whole afternoon, the word ‘ironing’ is an understatement. I ironed over 12 sets of outfits.

The first 3 was exciting, knowing that they were other people’s one. Feeling the different texture of the the cloth was interesting albeit it’s complication.

Then the subsequent outfit was just irritating.

However, I did realize a trend and I asked me mum. In fact, I did this interview with her. So here goes nothing. [DISCLAIMER: Everything that was said is translated in accordance to the relevant topic]

When ‘mum‘ made her debut in the fashion “industry” at home a year ago, nothing was stopping her. She has done a multitude of Malay costumes and has daringly fused the traditional structure of the costumes with some modern style. ‘Mum‘ feels that it would help men and women upgrade their style.

I invite you to join me and ‘mum‘ in an informative interview delivering useful information for this year’s Hari Raya Celebration.

FIZZY: ‘Mum‘, the most obvious question right now is, “What is the hottest trend that caught your attention?”

MUM: Well, I see a lot of Baju Kurung. Kebaya is so last year. People are afraid of using the royal prints [shown above] but we’re using them for our family this year.

FIZZY: But how different is that Baju Kurung from the decades of creations done before?

MUM: I try to add in some different styles into the back and the sleeves. Really strong prints on the sleeves. People really like pieces that have a bit of structure but not tight-fitting like that of the Kebaya.

Also, I’m doing more seamed folds in their dresses. Loose is definitely in. Why are you asking me a lot of question? Have you eaten? Go eat.

FIZZY: Just curious ‘mum‘. Anyway, are there any colours in style this year?

MUM: Not really. In fact, not ever. You know people always change their colour scheme and different family has their own colour.

But I am really surprised to see a lot of dark colours in the pieces especially in this hot weather. Colours like beige or light palettes is good enough.

The prints are also very important, people are sending me these awful looking floral prints that looked like they got it from their own dining table.

FIZZY: How about the material?

MUM: There’s a lot of sheer cloths. Stretchable material. Very functional and comfortable in such weather.


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