New school like old school

I can admit I act like a 7 year old boy in my office and it could be a pain in the ass. But I learn it from the best; Sesame Street.

The video above is my favorite number song. It’s soulful it’s catchy.

I mean, I can count to 12 with this song in my head. The animation may not fancy you but this came from the 1980s if I’m not wrong. Any guesses?

I cracked up watching this “Pre-school Musical” from sesame street. It’s harmonized well. If you’re into musicals and puppets singing, watch it. If you’re not into that, just watch it. I hope they make you smile like it did to me.

I felt like a child again watching these videos.

Are there any cartoons you just wish would telecast on “OKTO” again? Because I have a number of them. The cartoons nowadays, I’ve explained in my previous posts, are boring and they try too hard to produce a local show that fails terribly.

Only 1 surprised me. Remember “Robbie and the book of tales?” It’s about a boy who wants to save his father from the fairy tale realm. Very interesting with all their weird characters.

Well, since I’m in the topic of shows, I’m definitely not going to miss the last movie of Harry Potter. Although the movie has gone really eerie and dark, there’s no reason not to end my Harry Potter life.



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