Those modelling dreams were long gone

I was about to head to my bed until I got this email from this person who has invited me for some Cosplay Model Shoot.


Now, for those of you who have known me long enough went through the “Passion-For-Modelling” period with me. I believe it was since secondary 2 I wanted to be a model.

During that stage of my teen years, I set up my portfolio in a website for amateur/professional models. Even now I’ve updated the pictures just hoping. [There’s still a small flame burning within me] But I’ve never taken it seriously.

But I’d be lying to myself if I still think I could be a male model.

Last time I’d be the tall one [that’s because the largest proportion of people I hang out with were girls] but came Junior College, I saw guys who were 3 inches taller than me. 

So the term “stereotype male model” wouldn’t apply to me. I’m too short. I’m too thin and I act too flamboyant for any sane person to take me seriously as a male model.

So once I read this email, I was literally laughing to myself. I showed it to my sister and she asked, “So what are you going to do?”

Am I really going to embarrass myself in front of people who have tonnes of experience in modelling?

Well, I didn’t immediately delete the email. I had to find out what “Cosplay” meant. I initially thought it was some sleazy model shoot.

It’s a freaking term for Costume Play. It’s a huge trend since the 1990s. Why did I think of that? It’s not high fashion or editorial so it was pretty obvious why they chose me.

I know it would be so fun dressing up as different characters but those days of me posing in front of a camera, I’ve put them aside.



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