Updates on a Friday night

When I think of Friday, not only does the “Friday” song comes to mind but also the fact that I can wake up with sunlight softly caressing  my skin.

This week, 2 working days, still felt like a week. All the work I avoided for the first 3 days of the week came back and haunt me.

I’ve having major pimple break out. And I do mean major. It’s another “Pacific ring of fire” on my face.

So anyways, I’m really drained, physically, and I need my go-to song to keep me positive that the weekends would be better.

Wait . . . I have to go to a family outing tomorrow. I think it’s a BBQ near the beach. Seriously all these holiday lingo, I cannot grasp.

Speaking of “Go-To Song” my next post would either be a song review [something more hopeful and youthful’ or an account of the BBQ tomorrow.

I really hope you guys had a better time than I did.

Enjoy the weekends!!! [INSERT “FRIDAY” SONG CHORUS]


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