Beachy Head

I don’t know how many times I have been to the beach these past few months. It doesn’t get any older.

Instead of plunging ourselves into the waters alone, we invited the whole of my maternal family simply because it’s a rare treat.

Yes, the waiting time extended up till 2 hours but it all ended great. And by ended I meant till 1am.

It’s always great to have feel the raw elements under your bare feet.

The minute we reached our pit, gusts of wind swept us and it took us 2 hours to start a fire. We eventually had to plead for a flamed charcoal piece from the opposite pit so that we can start a small flame.

Finally when the flame was strong, “O flames that glowed! O hearts that yearned”, I proudly say . . . in my mind.

We sat within tall statuesque trees that could have scientifically diverted all of the wind directly towards us. Tents were pulled out, dragging my sister o’er the sands.

I once swore never to indulge myself and eat food with high contents of oil and sugar but it is a family event and crispy marshmallow exterior with a slump of oozing marshmallow molten-like substance that tastes much better over the charcoal flame than a gas stove.

We sat and talked until the night,
Laughter filled throughout the table,
Our faces swerving with glee from the sight.
Those words are powerless to express.

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