Young Blood_ The naked and famous

Being young is such a wonderful thing. I try as much as I can to be young and dress young, that I am, so that I don’t grow up too fast.

This song ‘Young Blood’ by “The Naked and Famous” is about youth and it’s possibility and innocence.

Again, I’m draping myself with this great Indie Alternative Rock Band.

We’re only young and naive still
We require certain skills
The mood it changes like the wind
Hard to control when it begins

The bittersweet between my teeth
Trying to find the in-betweens
Fall back in love eventually
Yeah (4x)

Can’t help myself but count the flaws
Claw my way out through these walls
One temporary escape
Feel it start to permeate

We lie beneath the stars at night
Our hands gripping each other tight
You keep my secrets hope to die
Promises, swear them to the sky


As it withers
Brittle it shakes
Can you whisper
As it crumbles and breaks
As you shiver
Count up all your mistakes
Pair of forgivers
Let go before it’s too late
Can you whisper(4x)

[CHORUS (2x)]


I definitely need a song that is cheerful and evokes freedom to be a teenager.

Making mistakes in love is acceptable because that’s what being a youth is all about. What is important is the journey that comes out of it and to get right back out of it. [I don’t know how many times I have mentioned that]

The transition of emotions from one verse to another really reflects on the emotional dynamics of youth and how it “changes like the wind”.

As human beings we are always unhappy and have no satisfaction, but as teenagers you think that the whole world is against you. Whether or not it is relationships or insecurities all we want is to be free from all problems.

‘L[ying] beneath the stars’ and ‘swear[ing] [secrets] to the sky’ with someone you love is one of the best feeling because of the presumption that such feeling will always last.

Just as soon as you think you found happiness, ‘it withers’ and ‘crumbles’ upon all the mistakes that you try to forgive yourself from.

It just sums up what youth stands for.

Alisa Xayalith, the front woman, has such a unique voice which is romanticized and dramatized. I love her.

Besides all the meaning of changes that everyone experience, the music carries forward a lot of joy and hope and I never want to leave and forget this age that I am now. 19.

However, being so young there are still too many things that I have not experience.

I hope you enjoy the song !!




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