My weather.

I just bought this month’s issue of HOMME Magazine. Never regretted it.

I find myself smelling the magazine as I quickly flipped through the pages. It does make me feel really good inside.

Now I don’t mind writing for this magazine. Actually, it would be my dream to be some feature writer for an established magazine. But let’s start small.

Anyways, I want to share this excerpt from the Editor’s Note.

” And the rains came. In such a torrent too, that drenched to the skin and ankle-deep in muck, the guilt thoroughly seeped in that we, living in the tropics, have taken the sun for granted. Cursing its reign as we soaked our nice shirts walking to and from lunch, it took the gloom of the grey skies and wet afternoons to make us long for the splendour of care-free days under the sun. . .”



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