It’s time for a new haircut.

I’ve yet to get my mum to cut my hair into a half-shaved pompadour/greaser hairdo. You’ll probably ask me why I can’t just head to the barber. Yes, I’m asking myself that question as well.

The right hair-do depends on your head shape, you’re bone structure, hair texture, etc. It’s hard.

I have medium length, wavy hair right? So any suggestions?

Well, meanwhile I’ll stick to my highly structured hairstyle which requires way too much maintenance and time. 10 minutes is long, right?

Well, my first hairstyle was a really . . . let’s just say nerd-like. It’s a centre parting. And I’d constantly make it damp so that it would remain in that style. What was I thinking?

Due to the humidity and heat we experience here, my hair curls up so badly, it never wants to go straight. Besides, it never was.

Now I find myself at work, changing my parting so it doesn’t clump up on one side.  It needs to have texture, not heaviness.

OK I can’t resist:

Remove the chains of laws and rules,
Shift this source of my bad hairdos 
I know not how this last month left my hair,
is mixed with meaner shadows and waste care
I conjure thee now, O’ silky smooth hair,
To this soul, no longer I will dwell.

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