Style Retrieve: Denim

Let me just say this first. This month’s Issue of Style:Men’s Magazine is the best issue so far. It’s informative, inspiring and definitely a good read.

So go buy it.

People, denim is back. Get hold of your denim jacket or jeans and wear it with pride. Sure we constantly see denim on the streets but it’s beauty is amplified this season.

Whether it is high-rise or low-rise jeans, washed or dark, fitting or baggy, denim will add on to that rugged flair.

You can pair a denim jacket with leather pants or a denim ensemble that is monotone. There’s a tip right there: If you want to wear both a denim jacket and pants, go dark and monotone. And keep both of them slim-fitting.

If you’re into shorts, especially this summer, don’t fret. Cut those long jeans up to knee-length and cuff it up right above your knee to get that rebel look. Oh and according to the magazine, “Pick an interesting wash. Denim shorts should not be too dark”

And my theory is that anything above the knee or below the ankle will lengthens you, but anything below the knee and above the ankle just makes your legs shorter. [Yes, I’ve experimented them myself] But if you’re tall, then it doesn’t matter. I’m just saying this as a midget’s point of view.

If you are daring, try on coloured jeans. 

If not, go for blue. 

And if classic is the way for you, a plain white Tee and a slim-cutting dark denim jeans will give you a clean yet appealing look.




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