Captain America…Ehk

Ever since Marvel announced that Captain America would be played by Chris Evans a.k.a Human Torch, I was not as enthusiastic as I thought it would be.

Enough said about the actor playing Captain America, I’m not even jumping out of my seat about the story line. I’m more of an X-men; acidic balls shooting out of someone’s mouth. [You know, that’s kind of fantasy]

My first impression of Captain America: The first Avenger is “war”. Well, isn’t it?

So basically here’s the story line;

  • This really feeble kid get bullied in school and a newsreel footage of the Nazis in Europe,  inspired him to enlist in the Army.
  • Failed Physical Test.
  • Subjected to experimental treatments.
  • Grew.
  • Became ‘super-soldier’
  • Committed himself into American war efforts.

After what various comics had to offer, I cannot say, specifically, what might happen in the movie.

Maybe they will give a fresh perspective after over 70 years since the first issue of Captain America.

But all in all, the hidden meaning behind the movie .  .  . loyalty to country?



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