The child of Glorious chaos

I know you are going to hate me for this but I hate children.

And I stand by it. [You can tell how helpless I was here]

At first it was cute, but when the attention goes to you, you cannot do anything. It’s like a magnet.

So yesterday we were celebrating my cousin’s birthday [shout out to him] the cake was delicious, it was great and all that.

So while I was sketching on my iTouch, this girl just climbed onto me and started jumping onto me multiple times. She was like a hyperactive kid, maybe trying to get some attention?

Now it’s not like I just let her ‘abduct’ me, I shoved her (Gently) but I was really cautious where I laid my hands on. I didn’t want to disrespect the body of a soon-to-be lady but she was persistant.

This species of human being, [what do you call them?] a toddler, I’ve never experience before. I don’t understand their language. I only speak fluent teenager. 

Let this girl quick as a sneeze
Stop this snit and quickly freeze

I literally cried for help, but my sister walked away. It was as if my life was sucked into a black hole. 

I defended myself from the damage [ pinches and slaps] she inflicted upon me. It was a battle. Yes it was. I mean, my oily face is only for me to touch, no one else.

I was told to be firm with her and said “NO”. [ I can’t do that. I’m not capable of showing anger or any negative energy to a little girl]

Then I thought, “Hey, she’s a girl. I can definitely sketch something in front of her that would strike an interest.” Sure enough, I sketched a lady really fast and asked her to pick the colours. And here’s the end product.

I can tell you right now that she does not only have a spectacular taste in colour but also a long attention span. It was a small bonding session that took a while to figure out but my decision to not have children still stands strong.


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