First Day of Fasting Month.

Well, what better post to write about before I go to sleep than a reflection on my first day of this fasting month.

[plays music]

Don’t you feel the holy sensation running through your veins in the early morn’?

Well I did, and I was excited about fasting. Mainly because it’s closer to Hari Raya, but of course it’s about empathizing on the less fortunate.

My hair, surprisingly obeyed my fingers and it was parted beautifully [in my view] and it was smooth.

So anyway, my goal for this holy month is to not gossip about people, not get temperamental and to shut up, basically.

But the people around us just makes it even harder to resist the temptation of talking back with a few magical phrases into it.

Sure it was tiring for most of the day [and night] but the thought of fasting fascinates me. And . .  I didn’t even thought of food the whole day because I’m so used to not eating much at work.

Speaking of ‘tiring’, my eyelids are getting heavier from every word I type. I’ll think of something more interesting to post next time. Maybe I should show you some of my sketches from my “Fashion of Depression” sketchbook from work.

I’d have to make a disclaimer that it’s dark but stylish and I most have to post something lively to counteract the negativity my art exudes.



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