Best Friday Ever

Spreading my rusted wings, got ready for the freedom.

Guess what?

Me and my friends were released from the office about an hour earlier.

It might seem as nothing to you but every minute counts as if I was given another chance of living.

My soul and body was aching so badly.

So once we had the opportunity to leave early, nothing was stopping me. I quickly cleaned my forever-messy table and made it at least organised.

I ran out.

No I didn’t.

But, it did feel really thrilling to leave that place.

[My mind is as fried as what I think your’s would be, so I’ll make this post short]

Oh, some shout outs to Cheryl, Nadene and Lizzie. 

And . . . tomorrow’s my 200th post. So I really need some suggestion on what to write. This would be the first time I’m reaching out to the public. I’m not sure if it would work, but what the heck, I’m out of ideas anyway.



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