The 200th Post!

Wow, it’s really hard to believe how fast I’ve reach this this milestone. 200 posts is a lot, am I right?

Well, I really have enjoyed the journey.

As I browse through my last 1oo posts, I can see a lot of difference in the way I write. And by ‘the way I write’, I meant it’s less chunky and more reader-friendly I should say.

I’ve been trying really hard to come up with a post or two every single day to keep you entertained, updated or maybe have the slightest swing of emotion from my posts.

I’ve added a new category in my blog : My creative Muse

Basically if I have no topic to write about, I’ll just come up with a quartet  of rhymes that’s catchy and that summed up all of my emotions into 4 lines or more.

If I were to celebrate every time I reach my next 100th post, what would it be?

Buy myself a chocolate bar?

Throw myself a mini food party?

Oh Oh, I’d buy me a cup of bubble tea, of course.

I know there’s no direction to where my 200th Post is heading but let this be like an update post.

Lizzie [shout outs] gave this interesting idea of writing a “Top 5 Confessions Post”. At first, I was really, really inspired by it.

But as I thought about it, tossed and turned in bed, I had a lot to confess but I asked myself these questions;

1) Who are my audiences? Friends: Why not? Family: not a good idea

2) What type of confessions can I think of that will shock you?

3) Will it affect me in any way, satisfying or haunting?

Let’s just say, I’m not ready to let it all out here.

Well UNTIL NEXT TIME!!! And thank you for coming to my haven [Spreads digital cut-out heart confetti to everyone]

[Multi Shout Outs to Cheryl]

I might just do a post on what I know about Beowulf, simply because I want to.



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