Beowulf into the literary world.

The title of this post makes no sense but I made plans to read Beowulf [the longest and greatest poem in Old English]

Well right now, 11:55am, I’ve only read 421 out of the 3178 lines in the poem. It’s very complicating but the story is really interesting.

I initially thought it would be very Shakespearean with all these traditional languages since it’s “old” English.

Well, I was miles away from accuracy.

Luckily I found the translated piece and read it.

Basically it’s about heroism [Beowulf protecting the Danes from Grendel (a half human-monster who is hated by God)]. There’s a lot of destruction in an almost science fiction way.

There’s trolls and nicors [water demons], unless they are just imagery of beast-like warriors there.

 “I weathered distress in many a tight corner,

avenged injury done the Wederas –they sought woe–

the foes I crushed, and now against Grendel I am bound,

with that terrible creature, alone, to settle

the affair with the troll. “

I’ve still got 4/5 of the poem left so I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

The words they used are beautiful. And by beautiful, I actually meant having to translate imagery into objects I’m familiar with.

I didn’t know “Sea-Wood” was a ship. I always thought it was a drifting wood . . . on the surfaces of the sea water.

If I could print out the whole translated manuscript and read it in my office, I would.


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