A smile goes a long way . . . as do chocolate being my sex

Dark, white or simply creamy,
cleanse the midst of my sacred body.
Scatter the joy I gain throughout time.
Expel all pain, leave only mine.

So I was shopping for a bar of chocolate and dish washing liquid [nothing to do with this post but I’d just specify what I bought] at Cold Storage.

I went to a random counter and the cashier lady asked if I like chocolate because she would always find me buying a bar of chocolate.

“How did you know?”, I asked her with a fake smile that just read ‘Shocked’ all over.

And she told me that she remembers the smile I’d give to her every time I’d buy something. Thus, the link to how she knows my chocolate addiction.

I literally went, “AWWW!”. I was really touched what she had said. [She’s old, so you can now get your mind out of any innuendo you have of me and the lady]

I know you will use this against me but I said the same thing as I do to everyone about chocolate, “Well, chocolate is my sex”. [Yeah, I realized it was an inappropriate thing to say, I get it. You can kill me now]

Luckily she laughed at the what she thought was a joke.

Anyways, that goes to show that a smile can be easily be imprinted on your mind.

So whether you’re having a bad day or not, just smile. You might be reciprocated with double the joy and happiness.



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