A friend to remember

What do you do when you see a stack of newspaper beside your office desk?

You do an artwork that is strange, unfamiliar and anything but conventional office artwork.

Just like pulling a girl out of an artwork, I’ve pulled out a friend from my darkest hour. 

Lift up thy hands 


I will reach for thee.

It’s been months since I meet up with one of my greatest friend, Ruzzie [Shout outs to her] and finally a couple of hours with her made my problems all vanish.

We went to somerset 313 [that’s a place, right?] and walked away from any source of food.

Sure enough, she wanted to head to HMV and we were talking and criticizing different music artists.

Then we talked about our problems and made talked about the people we work with, simply because of updates. Like random things that have happened in life since we last see each other.

Vetribution‘ was included in the conversation and other hilarious events that happened when we were schooling.

I’m sure Lizzie and Farhan would remember the time during Malay class where we had to talk about family and how the relationship between parents and their children are becoming more distant.

So we thought it was a role-play thing. We even prepared scripts and picked wacky characters where;

Lizzie: Beyonce

Me: Jay-Z

Ruzzie: Saloma (Our daughter) [Oh the  legendary Malaysian singer from the 60s was meant for humor]

Farhan: A child psychologist

So “Beyonce’ and I were always busy with our glamorous life and Saloma felt really abandoned and went into depression and Farhan drew this really bleak and dark picture and shared that Saloma’s anger was shown in the drawing.

Cut scene . . . we won Kinder Buenos each. It was so funny because everyone else did the topic in a very journalistic and mundane  way.

Well my point is that, that’s the beauty of friendship, right?

Nothing gets old.



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