Another ‘Holy Cheese balls” moment

I really want to share the joy I have boxed in and what better than a blog post?

[Don’t you just love the hidden ‘Shout-out’s, Andrew and Ruzzie?]

So I’ve been secretly writing/sending photos or drawing for a national teen magazine online [Teenink, you’ve probably seen it mentioned in my previous posts] because I just wish to have my work published.

It’s definitely a good practice but never would I thought that this specific article I wrote would receive high scores.

Yup, it’s the cliched ‘How to save the environment” topic that got most of the scores. It’s a damn academic essay.

Well, I guess I am granted this gift of hippie-ness. I see flowers blooming around me already.

Truthfully, I’m not proud of this article so I wouldn’t want you to read it. I actually wanted to delete it but once I saw that over 4000 people read it, I just can’t throw my efforts away.

So, I’ll try even harder to write more and maybe one day . . .


[Oh and Happy Birthday to Amelia again, Shout outs!]


2 Responses to Another ‘Holy Cheese balls” moment

  1. taureanw says:


    • fizzyfizz says:

      Aww thank you. And I love your blog. Haha

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