Losing my colour

The harder I try the more I’m losing my colour

I’m wilting against my own will.

So today me and a couple of my friends had to present to the ‘freshmen’ in our building. It’s been a long time since I presented to a bunch of people and that was during every economics class where we had to present our essays.

So when I was asked to present my welfare, leave and whatnot to the new batch of people, I froze.

Literally, I was shivering from some sort of a drop in temperature that never occurred. 

I couldn’t understand why. I thought I was capable of presenting but the Pre-presentation jitters was killing me.

Eventually, I knew I couldn’t be another burden for my friends so I grew another layer of crocodile skin and went into the lecture room with a smile on my face.

OK, by lecture room, I meant less than 30. [So you can kill me now.]

Cut to, the first slide that I was suppose to present, I again froze. So immediately someone else presented that slide for me.

Once I got hold of myself, I just talked what I know and make it sound so intelligent that they are so convinced that it’s true.

I just know I have to do it in a few more months’ time. Better get rid of those flaws, Hafiiz!



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