Lemonade _ CocoRosie

I might use this post against me but right now, the only thing I have in mind to post about is this song by CocoRosie.

If you liked “Noah’s Ark” by CocoRosie [the one I posted a few days ago], you’d like “Lemonade” as well.

It was Cinco de Mayo
Pillow case on his head
No more breathing time
An ambulance sped
It sped ’round every corner
Calling out his name


Shot a rabbit from the back seat window
Sat and watched the summer corn grow
Ate ice cream in a desert dream
And got lost in father singing
Too hot inside too hot outside
Lazy days when I said just go for a run
We’ll sail on Spirit Lake,
Me, my pappy, and his lemonade

Tim and tina were my parents’ names
They got engaged they were inflamed
Seduced by the lie of butterflies
How they shimmered how they glimmered
Those butterflies

We seven kids, we almost died
Nearly put to death
By lightning strikes
Instead there was hot pink
Flashes in the sky
We climbed the rocks in snow ‘n’ rain
In search of magic powers
To heal our mother’s pain


Now this song is about 2 girls being estranged from their Father since young and are remembering the past.

Both have different perspectives on how their lives have become.

One, longing to be loved. She thinks bitterly on the loss she suffers daily like the death of someone close [maybe brother] or how they have a bad relationship with the parents. So much sadness.

However, the other is contented with her life albeit in her dying state.

I just love how, knowing she can’t go back, she is reminiscing the beautiful imagery of her past like the “summer corn”, eating ‘ice-cream’ or spending time with her father getting ‘lost if [his] singing’.

The contrasting emotions of both singers eventually fused so well that it’s artistry blew me away. It’s nothing you’ve heard before making it more interesting.

I hope you enjoy the song.



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