A dusty tale

I drew this last night. I was inspired by winter, fur and all things bleak.

Let me just say this first. Today is the best weather of the month. Walking in the morning rain towards my office with my mum’s umbrella, I was embracing the chill in the air.

I could imagine myself in a dramatic scene on a ship. That was until, in that scene, someone with a hose with nozzles sprayed a cool breeze of water at my face.

Work was fine at first but then the trouble grew and people were angry and irritated. You know me, I get uncomfortable when anyone around me gets angry. So I try to calm down the oceans in the office by whatever subtle ways that I could think of.

Well, since I’m having 5 days of Fizzy-time, a good rest is what I need.

Excited for Hari Raya?

I am.



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