A Mysterious Growth Spurt

If you’re thinking of my little Fizzy, then how dare you.

If you weren’t, then . . . forget what I wrote earlier.

So the next 2 days will be really hectic for me. I do feel the Hari Raya spirit around me and the Raya songs just made it even better.

I cleaned all the window panes, washed and dried all the clothes, cleared my mum’s cupboard and found my Songkok that I will be wearing.

I tried it on. 

It couldn’t fit. At all. 

It was like for the past year I’ve been going through puberty and experiencing some kind of growth spurt that was mainly concentrated at my head.

Well, I always knew my head was big but never did I knew that it would like grow.

Sure enough there were 3 others and one of them made my forehead look really small. [And I do have a large forehead. Work it. Represent]

 Anyways, tomorrow me and my family would do a last minute shopping at Causeway Point and here’s what I’ll look out for.

1) A new bronzer that would not cause pimples. [I’ve taken care of my face for the past month and I will not let it all go to waste]

So here’s the thing. My skin is not only pale for a Malay guy. It’s translucent. Like an anatomy doll, really.

You can see every organ, protruding or not [if you know what I mean] It’s freaky, but you can learn a lot too like a science lesson.

2) A nice top from UNIQLO. 

Come on, it’s Winter and Fall. There’s got to be something that would fit me.

So far, UNIQLO has failed me. And I’m bitter about it.

However, I am looking forward to H&M, opening in September 3.

3) A small potted plant for my office table

I’ll just let that one sit there for a moment.

I feel that I am one with nature. As you guys know I’m a sizzling hippie.

So I thought bringing a small plant would supply me with the energy that God has endowed nature with.



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