Firework Dance

All those beautiful people,
Kings, queens and all in between,
Let joy and jubilation invite you
if the sun feels like rising.
It matters not if your day is well or not.
Let it all flow like a roaming river,
avoiding all thorns, vines and blades of silver,
pulling the tides of celebration towards you. 
Have a great Hari Raya everyone.
Here’s to the people, those beautiful people.

Now every year we’ll religiously play sparklers just so that we get ourselves into the Hari Raya spirit. I’ve heard people constantly say they’re all so melancholy.

I’m over that stage in my life and it’s time that there’s some great jubilation in this house.



I see a lot of difference here.

So anyways, we tried doing a lot of tricks and patterns with the sparklers instead of seeing the lighted end die down.

Thanks to my sister, we were dancing the night away. [Yes, I was seeing flashes and became dizzy]

So for this Raya, I’m really wishing everyone to have a great day. Be optimistic.



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