Hari Raya 2011

I know right? That’s the title?

Anyways, this year, we’re going neutral and light. I’m saving all those formal shots to myself. [It will be uploaded on Facebook]

Today, we only visited 4 houses. I could remember the times when we used to visit over 10 houses and it lasted past midnight.

Yes, it’s 10.30pm right now.

Anyways, whenever I visit my relatives’ house I’ll always eat the myriad of delicacies laid on the table, drink the soft drinks they pour for us  . . . to show that we care.

Let me tell you, I’ve never felt so unhealthy after the 2nd cup of F&N Orange.

I ate a lot of chocolate, sweets, cashew nuts, oily crackers and other sinful food you can think of during this festive day.

[I can already see a pimple or 2 growing in between my eyes]

House after house, we listened to stories, debates, verbal documentaries and advertising.

It was fun, I just sat there and listened.

I hope you had fun today. Luckily I took leave from work tomorrow. I’m beat!



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