Born a pumpkin

Well, hasn’t today been awful for me?

First if all, do ignore the baby shoes I drew above.

So anyways, I had to do the same presentation to another batch of people and I’ve been feeling under the weather and the last thing I want to do was to present some slides.

After presenting, I was told that I repeatedly said “Um” during my talk.

So what does Hafiiz do when he receive a critic? He evaluate his actions and think about his life.

1) I’ve lost my self-esteem

There was a time when I would have no problem presenting. No shiver running down my spine. No stammering during a presentation.

Then after a turning point in my life [I think only Aisyah knows about this point] I grew really conscious of what I’m doing and what people would think about it.

Here’s the thing, If I’m not even comfortable with who I am, then how in God’s green earth am I going to be comfortable with socializing with people?

2) I have no knowledge in the topic I’m presenting

Now, if I look at it in a less dramatic POV, I could just say that because I’m unsure of the nitty gritty details of the topic, I tend to stammer.

But I’ve been on fingertips with the topic. Why then do I still stammer?

3) Bad at impromptu

Oh yes, why didn’t I think of this?

I’m just bad at delivering a spontaneous speech.




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