Favourite British Film _ Billy Elliot

Yesterday OKTO showed “Billy Elliot” and I was really excited because I just love the movie.

Now surely you have heard a thing or two about this movie or it’s musical. [If you haven’t, go kill yourselves]

To put it in a cliched sentence, it’s about an 11 year old aspiring dancer, Billy, whose unexpected love for ballet is not approve of by his father.

Father wants him to learn boxing, but Billy wants otherwise.

Eventually, he found out how talented Billy is and how passionate he is about ballet that he did whatever he could to make sure that he gets a spot in the Ballet Company.

It’s an great movie showing the conflict within the family and also the joy he gains from dancing. Another cheesy line but his passion is electrifying!

Also the inspiration that I get from the movie of not abandoning hope just sets the world around me with much optimism.

The music is groovy, the one in the video is “I love to Boogie”. 

Don’t we all love to Boogie? [Dances and twirls in mid-air]

If you want to dance, just dance! In the comfort of your home if you like.


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