Looking for help? Ask nicely

How a pop of colour can brighten ones day.

I love helping others. It makes me feel good when doing so.

And when  William James says that “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”, that’s so true. Sure there’re people who selflessly help others when they are in dire need of help [And we love them so] but you just want a small sign showing that your efforts is much valued.

So here’s a small sharing by Mr.Manners.


When people asked me nicely with additional words like, “Please”, “Thank you” or “help” in their questions, I’ll be more than willing to help you.

That will just put you in my priority of to-do list.

When you are polite, it just lessens the chances of me killing you because you’re asking for help.

But when someone tells me, “Hafiiz, I need you to . . .”, I’ll just squint to analyse what the significant other just told me. Where’s the manners, people?

Have we forgotten the old school manners that we’ve been taught? Apparently it’s getting less important.

Of course when you’re the being of authority and I work for you, then that’s a done deal. I’ll have to help. Willingly or not.

So by simply adding there few words would make the environment more civil.

Thank you so much.


Of course, when you ask, it doesn’t hurt to graciously smile or ‘smize’.

Don’t tell me all of our face muscles have been numbed by the stress levels at work. [That is true actually, I easily get a bad mood at work but I still smile at necessary instances when I do]

So that’s another way of building relationship.

There you go. 2 simple ways to take note and you won’t probably get killed.



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